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New Music Monday featuring: Shields, Matt McAndrew, Cara Hammond, Stage Republic, and More

Shields ” I Already Know “


 Newcastle’s Shields has released I Already Know, the second song from their upcoming EP titled Etemenanki, which is set to release sometime this month. The song provides us with an upbeat Indie stunner that includes Heavy drum beats, shimmering guitars, and catchy vocals.

Matt McAndrew ” Game Over “



If you need a pick up for a Monday that is dragging then Matt McAndrew’s newest single Game Over is for you. It is three minutes of pure pop fun that is an ode to his girlfriend. If you watch The Voice you might recognize Matt from the show, where he was able to take the runner-up slot under his coach Adam Levine.

Cara Hammond ” Try To Love You “



The second in a series of four, Try To Love You, by British singer Cara Hammond, will be released on her upcoming EP ” Nice Girl “ which is set to drop sometime this autumn. Try To Love You is a classic Indie dance song that Cara said is about “ those relationships we know aren’t working but try our best to keep them together anyway. I wrote the lyrics following a conversation with a close friend of mine, who knew it wasn’t good for them but kept on trying to love them.”

Stage Republic ” We Woke Up “



On a quest to write the perfect indie pop song Stage Republic seemed to have hit paydirt with their newest single We Woke Up. The upbeat tune is everything you could want in a pop song. Great harmonies and backing vocals, danceable beats, jangly guitars, and a drum beat that doesn’t overpower. Plus it has great lyrics about the best feeling ever, waking up next to the person you adore!

Hamster featuring Annabel Lee ” Banshee “


Hamster’s newest single Banshee is about a lover that checks all your boxes. The retro 80’s feel dance tune is made even better with the vocals of Annabel Lee, her raw sensual vocals make us believe the girl has needs and those needs need to be taken care of!


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