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New Music Monday featuring: Tougher Than You Thought, AlphaCub, Vern Matz, Kid Kapichi, The Drives

Tougher Than You Thought ” Garden Snake “

We are big fans of pop-punk here, and anytime we hear of a new band playing pop punk we get excited knowing that it is still a thriving genre.

Chicago’s Tougher Than You Thought are one of those we were excited to find. They just released a new single Garden Snake, taken from their debut EP Check Please, that was released a few months ago. The song is all things pop punk, with fast guitar licks, quick drumming, and lyrics we all can relate to while singing along.


AlphaCub ” Last Chance Romance “
Canada’s AlphaCub has released Last Chance Romance. Starting as an odd ballad song, it quickly turns to an 80’s throwback dance song. Loaded with shimmering synths and big drumming it is the perfect song to get you over your Monday bues.

Vern Matz ” Systematically Gone “

Vern Matz’ new single “SystematicallyGone,” produced by Peter Katis (The National), brings you a pushing piano melody, an eerie-but-clear sadness, and cutting lyrics. It is the total mash-up of alt-rock, indie rock and folk rock pushed together to make a wonderful dreamy song.


Kid Kapichi ” Revolver “
Kid Kapichi has given us one of the most addicing drum beats and guitar riff through out a song that we have heard in a long time on their new single Revolver. The single blends heavy, incendiary rock with harmonising vocals, and  takes you through  the danger zone of a Saturday night, all told through the lens of the chaos of the Wild West.
The Drives ” Rebel “
Lead man Andrew Levin of The Drives says that their new single Rebel is ” about the moment when you first meet someone and begin to fantasize about who that person is based on what you know…and the infatuation that often ensues,”  The single provides us with an infectious melody that is easyly sung along to, plus some staduim type guitar riffs that will have you pulling out your air guitar.

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