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New Music Monday For The Week Of April 29, 2019

Steelings ” Where You Go “

Where You Go is the newest single from Jacob and Sita Steele aka Steelings. The song is bright and energetic, full of restrained vocals and great instrumentation. Where You Go is total guiltless pop music.

Airplane Man ” Borderline “

Airplane Man’s first single for 2019 is a fun poppy electronic bop called Borderline that was inspired by Madonna, Ready Player One and Nintendo 64 Mario Party. The song is full of frenzied bass lines, snarky guitars, and vocals that soar over the post-punk synth-pop instrumentation.  Daniel Feldman and Tim Sommers who make up Airplane Man are total creators who do all the writing, producing, mixing, mastering, and visuals for the band.

Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler ” You Were Good To Me “

Friends share secrets, they complain, they emote, they celebrate. And if you are Jeremy Zucker and Chelsea Cutler, you make music together. Their newest single and accompanying video is relatable to anyone who has gone through a painful breakup. The song is slow and heartbreaking with Cutler’s vocals adding a tender touch, while the video is filmed to give it a nostalgic look.

Talk Time ” Year Of Self “

TALK TIME was created from scratch in a warehouse in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of East Los Angeles, California. The band channeled their love for catchy yet experimental pop resulting in an exciting lush sound that filters their influences through laid back Californian sensibilities. They just released a video for single Year Of Shelf which they call “a celebration for the unique thinkers with courage to live outside the box and an ode to astronomer Gallio”

Oko Tygra ” Ghosts “

 Deeply inspired by the New Wave and Goth acts of the ’80s, Oko Tygra has picked up where the 80’s left off with their new single Ghosts, which is a dreamy washed out nostalgic tune. Oko Tygra was created after Joshua Novak suffered an accident that left him with a life-threatening head injury and has opened for some killer bands such as Purity Ring, and The Horrors

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