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New Music Monday for the week of July 8, 2019

Stray Fossa ” Eyze “

Charlotteville Virginia Band Stray Fossa has released a new single Eyze, a follow up to previously released single Swells. The single, which was recorded in the band’s attic is a dreamy smooth tune bop with shimmering guitars and pleasant vocals. If you love Dream-pop, you will love Eyze.

The Bites ” Don’t Love Me No More “

Jordan Tyler and Band are The Bites, they hail from LA, the land of sunshine and stars, and they make some of the most catchy retro music you will hear. They have just released a new single and video for Don’t Love Me No More and it is hard not to love. It is full of classic guitar playing and playful lyrics. Think Glam Rock with out all the glitter.

Pawl ” Blu “

Swedish singer/songwriter Pawl has written k-pop songs for GOT7, played at WEEKEND, and is inspired by everything outside of the western music scene. His music is a fusion of Pop and EDM that is fun and upbeat. New single BLU continues on the same danceable path. The song has a thumping bass-driven chorus and deals with escaping reality. It is a tune that will soundtrack your hot summer nights.

Friday Night Fireflight ” You Only Like Me When You’re Eight Drinks Down “

If Angels and Airwaves and The 1975 had a baby and it grew up to love Electronic Music it would be Friday Night Fire Flight. The UK band just released a single called You Only Like Me When You’re Eight Drinks Down, not gonna lie, we think the title is as catchy as the song. The single is full of high energy, pulsing beats, glittery synths, everything you need for a great Electro-pop hit. We are addicted.

Wesley Tucker ” Jane “

Wesley Tucker has used his love of music to battle his battle with depression and anxiety as a way to release his emotion. New single Jane is what Wesley describes as an ” Urban-Pop ode “ We loved the soft beat of the song that was highlighted by the barely-there beat of the drum machine and the relatable lyrics about falling in love with someone.

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