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New Music Monday For The Week Of May 20, 2019

NOSOYO ” Highness “

Berlin-based duo NOSOYO (pronounced NO-SOY-YÓ, meaning “I am not me – I am everything”) have shared their latest video titled “Highness”, an anthem for authenticity and reclamation for true love.

The video focuses on two characters who are in search of their own happiness: a queen at the top of her game and a joker, who is attracted to the queen and desires her wealth. Together they want to make a quick buck. During the process, they realize love is more important than all the materials that money could buy in the world.

Young Braves ” Sleep It Off “

Young Braves are back with a searing new single titled Sleep It Off. Blistering guitars and steady as a heartbeat drumming showcase the intoxicating vocals. This is a song you need to turn up as loud as you possibly can and drink it all in because it is a hit.

The Modern Strangers ” Magic Hour “

British indie outfit The Modern Strangers have released a new single titled Magic Hour. The single, which tackles the idea of rekindling a relationship with a lost love, is a throwback to the days of disco. The vocals are mellow and smooth, at times sultry, its the falsetto tone of them and the backing vocals that really give Magic Hour its retro fun feel.

Kaanvas ” Catch 22 “

Mark Crews who performs under the name Kaanvas just dropped his sophomore album, Culture Me, on May 17th, which is an 11 track journey through love, loss, and the stages of grief. New single Catch 22, is exactly what the title says, dealing with wanting to change the past, but knowing that is you do it will erase the present. We are loving Crews melancholy vocals during the verses.

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