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PRETTY ” Breathe Some “

Three of the five members of the LA-based band PRETTY are brothers, so to say they know how to work together is an understatement. The closeness of the group has paid off on their debut single titled Breathe Some. The tune tackles modern topics and mixes them with an 80’s New Wave influence.


Spooky Cigarette ” In Due Time “

Hailing from San Diego, Spooky Cigarette claim their music is Queer Wave, and that the name of the band comes from frontman, Frank Mindingall’s identification as a black ( spook ) fag ( cigarette ) , however, they came up with the name, we loved the sound of it..Spooky Cigarette. Their song In Due Time, is a fun mix of 60’s retro and electro-pop, meshing together the past and present in the most sensational way.

Fly By Midnight ” Ilya “

New York-based Singer/songwriter Justin Bryte and producer/songwriter Justin Slaven who go by the moniker Fly by Midnight and they have just released new single Ilya, which is taken from their recently released album Rerunning. The song is packed with infectious pop beats, which you know we can’t get enough of around here, and stunning harmonies

Sail By Summer ” Facing Dullness “

Facing Dullness is the second single from Nordic band Sail By Summer,. The band fronted by Norwegian Grammy award winner William Hut and Danish keyboardist Jens Kristian have created a  musical world that is inspired  by the northern nature of their home. Hut’s unique vocals soar to the heavens accompanied by Kristian’s musical abilty to make it sound as if there were more than just two of them in the band.

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