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New Release : The Bandicoots ” Shady Lane “

When we first saw this video we knew we had to share, the entire time we watched it we couldn’t help but think of our favorite Sheffield lead singer and the movements he makes as he sings. If you are a big fan of this so-called band you KNOW who we are speaking up. Hell, the feel of the song and vocals reminded us of them.

We don’t know if it was done on purpose or if it were just a happy consequence but the new video and single, Shady Lane by Hamilton Ontario’s  The Bandicoots certainly caught our attention.

Let’s get real though, the song itself is fantastic, with slinky vocals, a hypnotic drum beat, and some killer guitar licks.

Plus, The Bandicoots also seem to have a great sense of humor, or they had a hella drug trip or they are  actually time travelers because this is what they said about the inspiration for the song:

A few weeks ago we hitchhiked back to the 70s. This guy named David Robert Jones was our chauffeur. On the way there Jones lit a cigarette. He let his shades fall onto the tip of his nose, said he was going to show us something the people of the 70s would never understand. Jones flicked on the radio, this song was playing.

“Listen close, boys,” Jones said. “Bring this song to the people of 2018. This song will change everything. The whole universe depends on it.”

When we got home, we recorded that very song. We called it “Shady Lane”.

And just maybe I really like it because I have thought for years a song needed lyrics that included the words :

Electric Boogaloo

Listen and watch Shady Lane:

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