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New Track: ” Holiday ” by Drinker

Drinker has released another song from their upcoming debut album Fragments, this time its Holiday.

 Aaron Mendelsohn’s vocals on the new single are a sexy whisper above the timed hits of a drum pad. Holiday is strangely dark, it is the single you listen to while you have the lights turned down, a glass of wine in hand, and your lover next to you.

When speaking about Holiday Mendelsohn had this to say:

’Holiday’ is a song about grounding yourself, reorienting and finding the time to take a breath and rest before returning to the worries of your daily life. It was the first song I wrote when I moved to LA in 2017 and there was still a lot of uncertainty in how we would continue making new music while Ariel stayed in NY. We recorded the basis of the song hurriedly one morning while Ariel was in town before he caught a flight back to NY that afternoon. It was the first time I had the chance to really leave a song I’d written in Ariel’s hands to produce. Ironic to the lyric, “I don’t wanna work/don’t wanna start a project I’m on holiday” this song paved the way forward for the project. ‘Holiday’ assured us that we could write and produce bicoastally, which has been the foundation of our workflow since.”


Fragments will drop  May 3rd via B3SCI Records 

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