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New Year…..New Music….. featuring : Play3r, Key Out, Picture This, Modern Violence, Gold Spectacles,Aiden Groves

Play3R ” BMD “

Play3R has released their first single titled BMD. The song which is about the difficulty of trusting something good coming into your life when you’re used to a bunch of shit is a retro-sounding throwback with bursts of fuzzy reverb guitars and drums that explode throughout the song.


Key Out ” In Code “

Earlier this year Key Out made their way to rural Victoria and recorded What (do) you see, their debut album and first release on Half A Cow Records.
The studio’s remoteness and sense of space are reflected on the ten-track LP. New single In Code is full of field recordings, vocal harmonies, distorted guitars and minimalist percussion making it a clean 3-minute pop song that is as relaxing as the space it was recorded in. PLUS….pittie alert in the video =o)

Picture This ” Everything Or Nothing “

Picture This was the biggest selling Irish act in both 2017 and 2018, which is great since they only released their self-titled debut album in 2017.

This summer marked their first stadium tour in Ireland, which capped off with a 35,000-person stadium sold out show. They have since teamed up with producer Jayson Dezuzio to record the 2019 follow-up, MDRN LV. Their new song Everything Or Nothing is the second release from the album, which is scheduled to drop February 15 via Republic Records.

Modern Violence ” Welcome Home “

Comprised of Jacksonville music veterans Jesse Brantman (Fort

Stories), John Shannon (wise river, LANNDS), Jeremy Blanton (Strangerwolf, Banquet), Mike VonBalson (Fort Stories, Shangrala) and newcomer Bobby Marino, Modern Violence have released their first single titled Welcome Home,  a conversation between two close friends about a toxic relationship. A conversation where best interests and desires are at war. The guys bonded over their desire to create melodic emo music with a focus on brutally honest lyrics and poignant storytelling. By the sounds of Welcome Home, they are off to a great start!


Gold Spectacles ” Moral Fibre “

Gold Spectacles newest single Moral Fibre follows a journey from the temptation to betrayal. Beginning with a solo vocal and gentle piano, the arrangement progresses with the story, climaxing in a wall of hysteric analog synthesizers, guitars, and vocals. Releasing a song a month in tune with the lunar calendar, Moral Fibre is the third release of the installments.


Matt And The Skeleton Crew ” Merry Go Round “

With a debut album dropping on January 8th, Matt And The Skeleton Crew have released single Merry Go Round giving us a little hint of things to come. The single is a likable, Indie tune that has a chorus you will find yourself singing along to.

Aiden Groves ” Vertigo “

Releasing his debut single Vertigo is newcomer Singer, Songwriter and Producer Alden Groves. The song is a powerful message for today, and if this is his debut, we can’t wait to here what the future holds for him.

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