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Meet the GATRS…

The Girls At The Rock Show, The GATRS for short, are a diverse coterie of badass girlfriends who are from various social, ethnic, and geographical backgrounds from all across the United States. We all met serendipitously and have bonded and gathered to form a sisterhood to bring you an international digital media site dedicated to music (EP/LP), film, and book reviews, concert reviews, interviews, lifestyle and so much more.

While The GATRS are operated by women, our site is inclusive to any and all fans. Since its inception in 2013, The GATRS began thanks to our founding member (Teri) who is heavily influenced by a deep love of music.
In a few short years, The GATRS has established its own editorial voice that we take very seriously. We try to keep it real as much as possible,¬†musical elitism and click-bait journalism is just not our style.¬†We’re truly a 21st-century media institution, operating in a virtual method. That’s right, we have no direct offices (for now) but we get things done by adhering to what we believe in.
Music, books, and movies are all subjective and we’re always inspired and motivated by our deep abiding obsession for these and other things in our lives and we write about what we love.

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The GATRS are:

Teri H.
Brittany S.
Lizz L.