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Polar States are helping us break the boredom with WhatsApp…and new songs

Liverpool’s POLAR STATES are helping to alleviate lockdown induced boredom for themselves, and their fans, by releasing a song a day, directly to their fans via a private WhatsApp group.

When we first went into this lockdown period we were actually just finishing up recording a really big batch of new songs and had the plan that we wanted to try and finish off one of the demos every day and send them off to our manager. But then the world changed very quickly around us,
and we knew we had to try and find a way to keep our fans as optimistic as possible in this super weird time, so we had the idea of sending anyone who wanted it a song every day as we complete them.”

” We did this for a few days and people were really responding to the songs, which was great, but then we started opening up the chat for half an hour a day so people could message us and each other and it began to take on a life of its own! It suddenly became this forum for people to connect with each other, and just forget about how crazy life is right now for a few minutes each day, which is the most valuable thing for us all right now. ”

” We’re still writing all the time and working on things remotely, so there’s no reason why we can’t keep this up. It’s definitely not too late to get involved! “

The band is no strangers to sending out their demos directly to fans, prior to releasing their EP ‘All You Couldn’t See’ with Killing Moon Records and completing their debut packed out UK tour in late 2019 on the back of their social media buzz.

You can follow this link to join in with the WhatsApp chat every night at 8pm GMT:

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