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Postcard Boy shares cool 360 interactive music video for Company

This is pretty cool guys...Postcard Boy shares his new single “Company,” along with a self-directed 360 interactive music video shot on Hollywood Boulevard. The track drops at a time where Postcard Boy, like most of the world, is quarantined and reflecting on his isolation, both mentally and physically. Sonically, “Company” is driven by the subtleties of autotune vocals, an upbeat, pop-oriented production, and the intricate integration of a multitude of genres.

Postcard Boy says this of his single and music video:

“‘Company’ is about loneliness and lacking a sense of belonging. Although I wrote this song last summer in the weird limbo period between high school and college, thematically it fits perfectly with the current quarantine situation and being away from any sort of human interaction. I’ve always been the one on the edge of the friend groups, a bit of a wallflower. It was more of a ‘if I was there, that’s cool, but if I wasn’t, that’s fine, too.’ I acknowledge that I have isolated myself in the past, so to a certain extent I take responsibility, but “Is it a crime to want to belong?”

“The video plays off the song theme of being lonely and trying to find belonging. Thus, I was trying to think of the most overcrowded locations with all over the place individuals. I wanted a location that was the opposite of being alone. I knew Hollywood Boulevard was the perfect spot because there are so many odd people there for all different reasons, and although it is so crowded, there is no sense of togetherness or community. I wanted to push the limits on what has been done for music videos, so I bought a 360-degree camera and went for it. I jumped around Hollywood Boulevard with my headphones looking like a fool, but honestly at Hollywood Boulevard I was just another random in the crowd with a selfie stick. I think this video could be a big step forward to more VR music videos and pushing boundaries for the whole industry.”

“Company” is the third and final single from Postcard Boy’s upcoming EP Limbo due June 19th. Written between high school and college, the EP captures the anticipation, longing, and confusion felt during periods of transition.

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