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Quaran-tunes you need to hear this week from Cradle Cat, Sebastien Lacombe, Brother, and Toledo

Cradle Cat ” Parachute “

Cradle Cat is the indie/alt-pop band that has just dropped a new single Parachute, which deals with ” being the first one to blink in a relationship that’s not going well.” The tune has a catchy chorus that will have you singing along.

Sebastien Lacombe ” Gold In Your Soul “

The first single from Sebastien Lacombe’s upcoming album Fly, Gold In Your Soul is a slow ballad of melodic folk music that “ is about hope, about light and about bringing back the shine in the eyes of a loved one

Brother ” Oxidate “

We are sad that Provo Utah’s Brother and we were unable to meet up at SXSW this year, so we def wanted to bring their new single Oxidate to your attention. The single is the second to their upcoming album Vol.III, and is about love that has gone sour, and because all stories have two sides, so does this song, which we really liked. It is catchy and honest and also relatable to many.

Toledo ” Lovely “

Brooklyn’s Toledo has brought us a happy song about ” meeting someone that makes you see the world differently ” titled Lovely. The single is layered in sunny sweet sounds and will instantly put a smile on your face. Which is what we all need right now.

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