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Right Before they embark on tour with selective dates on the Sad Summer Fest we had a bit of a chat With Blake from Oh Weatherly…​.

  1. Tell us a bit of background on Oh Weatherly

 Oh, Weatherly is an Alt/Rock Band or something that started in 2015. We have released 2 EPs and 1 full length album in that time and since signed to Hopeless Records.

We saw you perform last year when you were on tour with Mayday Parade in both Dallas and Tampa. Are you going to be throwing anything new and surprising out during Sad Summer?

That’s great! It might be a little early to throw anything new out into the world just yet, but we have many surprises coming aside from SSF. 

Many people continue to say that Pop Punk is dead, yet your sound is very much in line with the genre. Do you believe it is having a resurgence of sorts, or do you think it has never died? In other words, Defend Pop Punk 

 I’m not sure if Pop Punk has ever really died or if it has just gotten lost in the million subgenres that have been created. I don’t know if Oh, Weatherly will be one of the bands that will be coined as Pop Punk in our future releases, but music is a cycle and you never know what will come back around.

The pop-punk band or song that got you interested in the genre

 I honestly have no idea what’s classified as pop punk anymore, but Hawthorne Heights was my first introduction to this similar style of music. Aside from that it wasn’t necessarily my intention to get into it. I guess it’s just what came out. Little angsty Blake.

Some of the best pop punk songs are sad, Miserable At Best, Clairvoyant, December. What do you think the saddest pop-punk song is

Tough question, but I was always a fan of Kissing in Cars by Pierce the Veil. 

At what point did you say to yourself, music is going to be my career

When I got my first job at 16, I decided I wasn’t going to college and I was going to be in a band. It always lingered in my mind if I had made the right choice, but now I’m very sure of where I am in my life. Very thankful to be here and making a difference.

You seem fairly involved with your fans on social media, do  you feel this is important for a bands growth

 I do think this is very important for growing the band, but mostly I think it’s important to help others and to remember that this isn’t for me. It’s for the fans and supporters. I want to share my stories and experiences in a similar way that I’d give advice to a friend. Love all you humans out there.

Tell us some of the ups and downs you have had on tour

 HAHA it’s rough sometimes, but others it’s the best time of our lives. We are used to a lot of the things that used to bug us now. The only downs would be what we can’t see coming. The rig breaking down, getting stuck in the snow for 13 hours and many little things really. Can’t complain too much. The good stuff that keeps us going is that 30-45 minutes you’re on stage. Nothing compares.

Have you had any strange fan encounters

Yes we have had quite the fan experiences, but nothing too wild honestly. 

Describe Oh Weatherly in three words


What does the term Sad Summer mean to you

It means we are about to have the time of our lives. No, but it’s a super clever name given the type of bands playing it. Very excited to get sad with everyone in Dallas/Houston

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