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Ryan had a chat with Weigh The Anchor about their new EP ” Right At Home “

Weigh The Anchor from Oakville, Ontario are releasing their sophomore EP Right At Home tomorrow. Ryan had a chance to talk to the band about their new EP and more…

Tell us a bit about the beginnings of Weigh The Anchor?

The band started out through friends of friends. A couple of us knew one other person, but our first band practice was the first time we had all met each other. We’ve come a long way since then and have gone through some changes, our drummer Brendan was in another band that played our first EP release show and then ended up joining the band not too long after.

You recently released new single Abrasive, can you tell us what inspired the song?

Abrasive was inspired by some events that had come to pass in each of our lives since the previous EP was written. Our goal with this EP was to make every song different and stand out from each other, and Abrasive became our “angry” song where we just wrote something fast and aggressive as a sort of catharsis for what we had been feeling, rather than just look to move past it.

Brendan, you said that you felt the band had finally developed a sound that represents who you all are as a band. How did your sound evolve to get to this point?

I think we’ve just been growing as artists and it’s showing in our writing. This EP was written by just the three of us for the first time and we were able to shape it into more of what we wanted. Our experience with touring and playing in front of crowds has helped us decide the direction we want to take our music.

You are gearing up or the release of your new EP Right At Home on July 10, tell our readers why they should be listening?

It’s a tough time for a lot of people in the world right now, with no exception to musicians. Now is an opportunity for people to show their support for artists and help the music industry come back from this pandemic stronger than before. We’re very proud of this new EP and with continued growth and support, we can continue to make new music and tour to new places. Listening to the new songs, liking, and following on streaming platforms and social media all make a huge difference to bands trying to grow and get to the next level and these are small things people can do to support us and other bands in a huge way.

Can you tell us your favorite song on the EP and why?

Our favorite song on the EP is the final song called Discourse. It’s a very raw and emotional song and is completely different from anything else we’ve ever done. The writing experience for us was unique, in that we had a bunch of different directions we wanted to take it but ended up with something we had never even tried before. We chose to end the EP with this song because it really represents a change of direction in our band and leaves it very open-ended as to what comes next.

Did you have any ups or downs during the writing of the EP

With our previous EP’s we had our songs more or less finished before booking studio time. With Right At Home, we did the opposite, we booked our studio time two months in advance with a couple preliminary song ideas and no demos. I’m not sure if that’s something we’ll do again in the future, but we gave ourselves a deadline and forced ourselves to put every spare second into these songs and not to second guess ourselves. When something felt right we stuck with it. So ultimately, we didn’t really give ourselves enough time to have any ups or downs, we just wrote the songs as efficiently as we could and two months later, we were in the studio recording them.

What has the band been during to pass time during the shutdown?

The band has been staying busy with social media, creating new content and our singer Andrew has been making our music videos himself. Beyond the business side of things, we’ve just been taking things one day at a time. Trying to stay in touch with friends and family and not feel too isolated.

We are really missing live music at the moment, are you hoping for a chance to tour the EP, or will you be sticking close to home?

We want nothing more than to be out touring for this EP. We had booked a cross-Canada tour out to the West coast to coincide with the EP release, but it was unfortunately postponed due to the pandemic. As soon as it’s safe to do so we will be playing shows again and trying to get out to new cities across North America so stay tuned!

If you could pick any one band to do a tour with who would it be?

This question caused some debate amongst us, but we settled on Alexisonfire. They’re a greater Toronto area band like us that we all grew up listening to and have always been a huge influence on us as a band. It also doesn’t hurt that we’d be playing to undoubtedly the biggest crowds in our careers by a huge margin on a nightly basis.

Give us three songs that have inspired your sound

Our sound for this EP was inspired by so many great songs and artists, but if we had to pick three, it would probably be: Gone – Knuckle Puck, Blooms – Youth Fountain, Undermine – Trash Boat.

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