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snny shares new single “Postmodern Black”

Born in Ivory Coast, raised in Boston, and based in Iceland, snny possesses a panoramic perspective on culture and art. He threads poetic narratives through lush cinematic production steeped in R&B soul.

He has shared his new single “Postmodern Black.” A declaration of self-confidence and perseverance in the face of adversity, the track juxtaposes a dense, impenetrable bass synth with shimmery vocals, sunny melodies, and funky guitar licks. It’s the first single off snny’s upcoming debut album, which will be released under his new record label “Radio Silence.” Run by artists, the label functions as a co-op, bringing independent creatives together to pool resources and establish a foothold in an uphill climb to anywhere. 

snny says about writing the song,

“‘Postmodern Black’ is to me a sonic manifestation of my own self-reliance. It’s almost a superpower to be able to trust your instincts, and I wanted to render that notion with melody and instruments. As a young African man creating in this era I have a responsibility to my kinfolk to champion independence and fortitude during these divisive times. The title of the song is inspired by an essay written by bell hooks in 1990 called Postmodern Blackness.”

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