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Song Of The Day: ” Bloody Hell ” by LUMiN

LUMiN and his sad skelly are back with another new banger titled Bloody Hell. The new single dropped today and was mixed by Mark Needham and Mastered by Chris Gehringer.

Like all of the LA based singer’s songs, Bloody Hell is destined to be a hit on the dance floor. LUMiN’s smooth voice carries effortlessly over a mix of electronics that create an energy that is impossible not to move to.

With lyrics such as these..

Couple thousand hours since I laid with you
Need a couple thousand more to get me through
Sleeping through the days in the dark in my room
its all I can do bloody hell

LUMiN has managed to put himself into a category all to himself that I like to call Electro- pop Emo. Right now he is king in this catagory, and I dont see him or his sad Skelly giving up the throne anytime soon.

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