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Song Of The Day: ” Debbie ” by Single By Sunday

It is no lie that we love Scotland’s Single By Sunday. Their melodic pop-punk music features loud guitars and catchy hooks that you can sing along to and that stick in your head all day after hearing. They take the classic early 00s pop punk and put their own unique twist on it.

Their newest single ‘Debbie’,  proves that online shopping is not always as it should be, and shows them adding an explosive 80’s pop funky bass and synths to their sound.

“What should have been a simple purchase of a pair of jeans turned out to be a ‘nod your head bop of a tune’. The short story is Jonny tried to buy some jeans and got ripped off!” Explain Single By Sunday.

The accompanying video flickers from heartfelt sepia tones to bursts of the band’s trademark vibrant blue, red, yellow and purple hair colors and results in a chaotic feel-good fan takeover.

According to the band, “the only brief that we gave people was ‘you need to be up, happy and prepared to go for it.’ The inadvertent star of the day turned out to be Summer, the baby, who would only smile when she wasn’t being filmed.”

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