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Song Of The Day: Dylan Emmet releases new single ‘Don’t Wanna Think About It’

It is no secret we have a music crush on Dylan Emmet, his smooth voice and addictive beats have us hooked. He released another new song this past week titled Don’t Wanna Think About It, and we think it is one of his best, but…we might have also said that about his last one!!

“Don’t Wanna Think About It” is a meditative look inside yourself. Melting airy keys and cloudy synths set up the perfect backdrop to Dylan’s smooth and heartfelt vocals. Ethereal Hiphop drums and chopped up gospel choirs drip around Dylan, accentuating the vocal chops that make you really feel the pain and hope in Dylan’s mind simultaneously. Dylan explains the inspiration behind the track: 

“This was one of those songs that I had to write to get my feelings out. I’ve struggled a lot over the years with self-judgment and self-doubt. Being someone with pretty intense anxiety at times, I go through these periods where I’m really hard on myself and I lose all faith in what I’m doing. When I left Los Angeles after finding out I had a daughter out of nowhere, I had to throw my entire life plan out of the window. I’ve always known that I was meant to be an artist, but I never imagined my path to get there would be like this. Writing this song, I was able to look back on everything I’ve gone through, come to peace with the things I can’t change, and be proud of myself. I’m so sick of worrying about the future, what’s meant to be, and if I’m “doing it right.” I hope this song can help other people who find it hard to get out of their own head. At a certain point, you have to decide that your reality is what it is and stop punishing yourself for being who you are. I’m done letting my entire life and happiness be run by where I think I should be. 

Listen if you are not listening to Dylan..get on it..we have dropped all his links to make it easy for you…


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