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Song Of The Day: False Advertising, ” Not My Fault “

I caught the last few minutes of False Advertising at a venue on 6th Street during SXSW, and I had planned on meeting up with them to have a bit of a chat, but other interviews ran over and I missed the chance. I did however, really enjoy what I saw. They were a powerhouse on stage, and Jen Hingley has some impressive vocal skills ( This coming from some one who usually is not fond of female vocalists )

They have released a new video for  Not My Fault, a stand alone single that will be released March 31st. Watch below:


Like most of their music and video’s, the video was filmed, directed and edited by the band, which explains why there are very few shots with the three members together. Here is what they had to say about the video:
“We basically just wanted to be selfish and have a great day, so we went and spent loads of money on arcade machines, grilled cheese and alcohol. The song is about being semi-oblivious and detached from the crazy political landscape that we reside within these days, so we thought fuck it, let’s be oblivious and do whatever the hell we want to bring it to life.”


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