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Fame On Fire has released their newest single “Scars of Love” from their upcoming debut album Levels, due out September 4th on Hopeless Records. “Scars of Love” is the latest look at the band’s upcoming record, following up previously released “Her Eyes,” “Headspace ft. Poorstacy,” “Down” and “Not Dead Yet”.

“This is a song about something I feel everyone has been through at some point in their life,” frontman Bryan Kuznitz shares on the inspiration behind “Scars of Love.” “Being lied to by the person you loved and you believed loved you too. Maybe they did but it is that uncertainty itself. For me, I thought this person was it, my final answer in this quest for love. Unfortunately this love felt like getting hit by a train when I figured out all the lies I was told. It made me question who I was, I started to blame myself for everything falling apart. I still think about this person every so often and I always wonder if I had any sort of impact on their life like they had on mine. I’m healed from it at this point but I still remember what I went through, I still remember the pain. They are now just an emotional scar, a scar of love. So as delicate and fragile as love is, we decided to take a softer and more dynamic approach to the sound of this song. We feel that ‘Scars Of Love’ is a song about the pain we have all felt at some point – something everyone can relate to.” 

Fame On Fire is genre-defying and pushing the boundaries of rock, hip hop, and heavy music, by unapologetically being themselves. Unpretentious, honest, and boldly brash, Fame On Fire has delivered a diverse, energetic, and emotionally-wrenching collection of songs for their debut album, Levels.

Holding multiple meanings, Levels, is both about going through the motions of life, the various levels, ups and downs that all people can relate to, and about the quest to level-up and continue to progress and move forward. This dichotomy defines a band that is not willing to stand still or be complacent, but one that continuously tries to evolve their sound and craft. Levels is available for pre-order at 

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