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Song Of The Day: glimmers release video/single for ‘Fallin’

More goodness from Atlanta-based rock band glimmers who recently shared their next single “Fallin. The new single was taken from the band’s upcoming EP Worlds Apart, due to be released April 23rd on Common Ground Collective. Alongside the single, glimmers is sharing the next part of a series of cinematic videos that follow a couple through the highs and lows of a relationship.

 “‘Fallin’ sums up the complicated feelings of heartbreak. It’s about how everything in your room reminds you of your ex, and the countless nights you spend staring at the ceiling fan looking for some form of relief,” glimmers frontwoman Maggie Schneider shares. “Nick Pena (of the project, lostbody) wrote the lyrics to this song in just a few hours and I was immediately connected to his words. We wanted this song to sound upbeat and happy sonically to juxtapose the darker lyrical themes. Losing someone you love makes you feel like you’re falling.

About the new video Maggie continues, “We wanted to capture the stages of heartbreak, focusing on all of the little things in your room that serve as reminders of that person. The first shot shows me throwing all of these objects away, symbolizing this feeling of hopelessness. This one video is shot in black and white for this same reason.”

 On upcoming EP Worlds Apart, glimmers vocalist Maggie Schneider shares, “This EP means a lot to all of us because it represents two years of hard work. It is a concept record, from the very first song to the last. Each of the five songs follows the progression of a relationship, as well as the stages of heartbreak: love, loss, denial, bargaining, hope, and acceptance. Will our characters get back together? Or will they remain worlds apart? It’s up to you to decide. We decided to create a music video for each of the songs to follow this story, with each piece connecting to each other as the next episode of the relationship. Our videographer and great friend Deanna Elise brought these songs to life, and created the story with Maggie. Altogether, all five music videos create a short film, inspired by our favorite 90s and 2000s romance movies.”

 Worlds Apart is available to pre-order ahead of its release now at

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