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Song Of The Day: Hello Operator ” Oosh “

“There’s a place up north-west called Oswick. Folklore riddles the air of an estranged lady who once dwelled the outskirts. On the eve of each new year, she could be found twirling at the back of the ballroom, casting dark pirouettes across the floor. According to local belief, whenever the good folk that now reside there appear to be stiffed by the decision makers, an odd, unforgiving howl can be heard coming from the hall. People like to think it’s the Lady of Oswick, riling the villagers.
“Anyway, we were driving through one night after a show. Engulfed by the fog, we pulled over and waited for it to pass. Then, the strangest sound, violent, mystifying; the moss shrieked beneath the wheels. Pete grabbed his phone and managed to catch a couple minutes of it. A few days later we decided to listen back. We toyed with it a bit, sped it up, slowed it down, played it backward all that shit. After we made a few cuts and twists, this is what came out. We just wanted to pass it on, and see if anyone else could make sense of the damn thing.”


That is the word on the street about Hello Operator’s new single Oosh, now whether I believe it or not is not the point, the point is, it is one of the most addicting choruses I have heard in some time, and you can’t deny those wicked guitar riffs!

Listen Below:


Hello Operator is:

Max Dalton – Lead vocals/Guitar
Pete Greenwood -Lead guitar/Vocals
Sam Dalton – Bass/Vocals
Eddy Ellison – Drums/Vocals
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