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Song Of The Day: Jeremy Pascal has us hooked with their new single Heart Scars…

Jeremy Pascal has been making a name for themselves in the European market and have started to take on the world. The alter ego of  Tino Romana, Julian Propst, and Nico Winkler, Jermey Pascal is a badge of creativity, and most importantly, survival. 

The band has just released its Sophomore single titled Heart Scars, an honest look at how trauma begets addiction. The song will also be on the bands forthcoming EP.

They believed that talking about addiction was important, lead singer Tino explains:

“Jeremy is dealing with both physical and psychological addictions. He repeatedly substitutes his drug use with abusive relationships. The drug abuse only abates until the relationship falls apart, and then he’s right back to doing drugs again. This is why the love/hate conflict is so prominent in the song – “You’re not here, I feel alive / but I’m dying every night,” and these lines clearly show Jeremy’s awareness of the cycle of the addiction – “If you ever fucking call me, fill the cup up with some x pills / I regret the juice and the white lines.”

Heart Scars is emotional, the lyrics are honest, they hold you to the song, as the melody and the raw emotionally charged vocals keep you pushing the repeat button.

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