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Song Of The Day: Mokita & Stand Atlantic team up on new single ” I’m Sorry “

Mokita and Stand Atlantic have shared a new collaboration today with the release of “I’m Sorry.” “I’m Sorry” marks Australian-rock band Stand Atlantic’s first major collaboration with Nashville chill pop artist, Mokita, and the first look at new music since their latest album Pink Elephant, released earlier this year on Hopeless Records.

On the new single, Mokita shares,”‘I’m Sorry’ is about dealing with feelings of guilt from a previous relationship. This song idea came about as I was talking to my brother about our past relationships, and especially our relationships in high school, where there’s a lot of regret and shame about how we treated people or how we wished we could do things differently. I think everyone can relate to that sentiment, especially with young love. I wanted to make this song feel especially nostalgic, so when I wrote it, I had this idea of a duet in mind for it. When Bonnie (Stand Atlantic) agreed to do it I knew it was going to be special. I was chasing a certain feeling from the onset of the song, and the combination of Bonnie’s vocals and the real drums and organic instruments gave it this comfortable, sentimental energy.”

“Working with Mokita on ‘I’m Sorry’ was something really different for us. We’ve never really collaborated on a track with another artist before and being in different countries was certainly a hurdle but it was mad to be able to do something so out of our usual circumstances and direction. This is a song about wanting to right a wrong with a past significant other but not really knowing how to do so because you’ve both moved on. There are parts of you that may still carry some of the guilt and I guess the best way to signify and own it is to put it into the airwaves if you can’t communicate with them directly,” shares Stand Atlantic vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Fraser. 

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