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Song Of The Day Premier: Fade On ” Faded “

Fade On Aka Sam Schall inspires us with his music. Music that is both gender-bending and boundary-less. Fade On embraces the weird in all of us and in everything, something that more of us need to learn to do.

Fade On has just released a new song Faded, the alt-rock single is mixed with funky techno sounds, eerie synths, and Schall’s vocal’s that seem to soar upwards throughout the song telling us about all the people who are moving through life ignoring and not caring about the disparities in front of them.

 “I wrote this song while I was living in LA. Every day I saw homeless encampments, prostitutes, and drugs on the streets. I saw people with money show less compassion than the people without it. I thought it was crazy how unequal everything was between the people of this city. ‘We’re bought and sold, in a land that’s plated gold. Fortune fame and hunger it’s all hanging by a thread, watch it all unravel in the city of the dead.’This song is calling out all of the people who move through life ignoring and not caring about the disparities right in front of them. Those who turn a blind eye are faded. ‘so just leave me to die, on your cloud your divine you don’t know you don’t know that you’re faded.’ I’m speaking as one of the outcasts. The homeless man, the prostitute.”
Listen to Faded below:


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