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Song Of The Day: Seaway Shares New Single “Wild Things”

 Seaway have shared another single, “Wild Things,” taken from the forthcoming new album Big Vibe. A guitar-driven collection of songs with big hooks and a bigger attitude, Big Vibe is set to be released on October 16th via Pure Noise Records. Pre-order the record now

Going into writing Wild Things we knew that this song would lean more heavily on the indie-pop influences,” says Ryan Locke.  “It came together a bit later in the process, I think with a song like this it had to breathe a bit so we could figure out where it was going to go.”

Since forming in 2011, the Canadian band has released three full-length studio albums – 2013’s Hoser, 2015’s Colour Blind, and 2017’s Vacation – and firmly established itself within the pop-punk genre. Until now. Because with the release of the fourth album, Big Vibe (produced by Anton DeLost), the Toronto band is shaking things up significantly. And while the band isn’t closing the door to its past, this is a very deliberate step away from it.

This record is a big stepping stone for us,” admits vocalist Ryan Locke. “I think we’ve slowly carved our place in the scene and now we’re just trying to take the next big step, to wherever that may be.

 “It’s probably a cliché to say this,” adds guitarist Andrew Eichinger, “but I think this is the record we’ve always wanted to make. Because before, we always had in the back of our minds a thought about what people wanted to hear. This time, we just thought we’d write a bunch of songs and see how they came out. Honestly, we just did whatever the hell we wanted.” 

The result is a bold fourth album that redefines who and what the band – completed by bassist Adam Shoji and drummer Ken Taylor – really is. Yet as much as it’s a departure from the sounds and scene they’ve been a part of and made their own in that time, it’s also more of the next step than a complete reinvention.

Big Vibe Tracklisting:

1. Brain In a Jar

2. Big Vibe

3. Mrs. David

4. Still Blue

5. Wild Things

6. Pathetic

7. Sweet Sugar

8. Peach

9. If You Let Me

10. Wicked

11. Sick Puppy

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