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Song Of The Day ” Thanks To You ” by Down For Tomorrow

Sydney-based pop-punk quartet Down For Tomorrow has recently unveiled ‘Thanks To You’, the title track lifted from their forthcoming sophomore EP.

The single opens with a slowly strummed guitar and the purposeful vocals of front man Cody Stebbings, before launching into a full-scale assault of pounding drums, and scorching guitars, telling us about the drama of a broken friendship.

Stebbings describes the motivation behind ‘Thanks To You’:

“’Thanks To You’ explores the feelings of anger and confusion I had at a time when a very important friendship in my life abruptly ended. It starts off, word for word, with me recounting the text I woke up to that morning, and trying to understand why this person no longer needed me in their life when they were still such a huge part of mine. The song is about one-way friendships and the effect it can have on someone who invests a lot of time into someone who couldn’t return it”.

It is loud, it is relatable, and it is hard hitting, and we can not get enough of it.

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