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Song of the Day: Tiger Mimic “Don’t Cover Up My Eyes”

Image courtesy of Martin-Kelly/JMK Productions.

While living in NYC and making music together, under a different band name, Jessika Rhodes and Bram Johnson decided to relocate to London and “Tiger Mimic” was officially born. Rounding off the lineup is Ben Willis, on bass, and George Latham on drums (although side note: on the studio recording of the song, it is session drummer Ryhan Lovell).

Their debut 5-song EP, Elephant Skeleton, was recorded at Livingston Studios in London with Grammy award-winning producer Matt Lawrence in true DIY fashion. Our standout is the premiere single, Don’t Cover Up My Eyes. The track immediately begins with a bass groove that is so seedy and undeniable. As the song continues with Rhodes’ vocals and the jagged guitars, we’re completely enamored.
The story of the song is that it was written right after Jess left a bar in NYC, where she noticed that every single song that had been played that night was about men and the heartbreak they’ve caused women. She started thinking of what a truly twisted relationship would be like and, freezing in the cold outside while waiting for her Via cab to show up, she started writing the lyrics and singing the melody into her phone recorder. Starting from Jess’ acapella melody, Bram wrote the instrumental backing on guitar and later added bass and drum parts for a rough demo.
The song is about being held captive by a person, tricking the captor into believing this confinement is enjoyed so as to earn their trust, and finally managing to get away, leaving the captor in their place as the one afraid and trapped. Listen below.

Tiger Mimic’s EP is entitled Elephant Skeleton and is scheduled to drop this winter. Although the band is currently unsigned, they’re focusing mainly on playing gigs in London. We’re sure to hear much more from Tiger Mimic and we’ll be sure to keep you all posted!

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