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Song Of The Day: We Have The Exclusive First listen to the new single ” 2020 ” by Polar States

December found Liverpool’s Polar States on their debut headlining tour, and it was so successful that they have since been bombarded with messages from fans wanting new music. We were not one of those sending messages, but that question is always in our minds when it comes to Polar States.

So deciding to listen to their fans, each band member took to their bedrooms during the lockdown and remotely recorded a new single 2020.

About the song, and the experience of recording remotely vocalist Paul Tong commented:
‘The experience of recording a song when we can’t be in a studio together has been weird, but ultimately, the message of the song hasn’t changed, and we wrote it together in a room, so it’s still us. The message of a song always matters more than how it’s recorded anyway.

We actually wrote 2020 before our tour, back in October. We wanted to document how we felt about going into a new decade. It was written in about 15 minutes and came from a really introverted moment. The world was overwhelming, and it felt impossible to appreciate what really mattered. 
The last few months have given the song a life of its own, taking on a new relevance that nobody could’ve seen coming. 

At the start of the lockdown, we set up a Discord group where we could chat with fans, and give our community a place to connect from a distance. By being able to speak to our fans on such a personal level, and also give them a space to be themselves made us realize why this song was so important to so many of them. It was at that point we knew we had to release the song no matter how we recorded it.’

We love the breezy feel of 2020, it gives us everything we expect from Polar states, swirling synths, foot-tapping drumming, and of course soaring vocals that are catchy and singable. We will say it again. We love Polar States

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