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Song of the Week: Fever The Ghost “Calico”

I am sure by now my friends and anyone else who has been around me for the past week are tired of hearing me rave on about my newest obsession Fever The Ghost.
A last-minute decision to catch some live music one night when I flew into Denver, I saw a performance by these SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESguys in Boulder Colorado.

Opening for Temples at the Fox theater, I was blown away by their performance, leaving the people I attended the show with a bit stunned. Lead singer Casper had me completely mesmerized the minute he walked out on stage with his bizarre outfit (think MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden on the best acid imaginable). The moment his long skinny fingers touched the strings of his guitar I was hooked.

Speaking of mesmerized, when Temples took the stage for their encore and performed that song, Fever The Ghost and Wampire joined them, giving Temples the most chaotic and mind-blowing encore I have ever watched.
This performance will be engrained in my mind as one of the best endings to a show I have seen in a long time.
Which is why I have chosen their single Calico as our song of the week.

 You can find more about Fever The Ghost and on facebook.

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