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Soundcheck featuring new music by Haunter, Limon Limon, All Runs Red, and Weston Estate

Haunter ” Risk It All “

Oh, we can not get enough of the new single Risk It All from Haunter, an alt-pop band that is made up of former emo kids and one metalhead. The song that deals with the intoxication of summer romances is full of twinkling electronic touches, but still holds on to some of that emo those former kids had, we know it’s not a phase and always holds true in ways!. The songs highlight is the soaring vocals by Lucy LeNoir. We have been hitting the repeat button over here for several days now.

Limon Limon ” Northern California “

Our favorite LA-based electronic duo Limon Limon is back with another exceptional tune with Northern California. As always, their music is geared to make the listener feel good with their catchy melodies and smooth vocals. Limon Limon is the band to turn to when you are needing an escape from every day, a time to just chill. They will serve you up perfectly.

All Runs Red ” What Good Would That Do “

London based All Runs Red have released their debut offering titled What Good Would That Do. The single has everything you’d want from an alt-rock single, driving drums, ambient guitars that include a fantastic solo, and soaring vocals. There is even a brief bit of screamo for my liking.

Weston Estate ” Saturday Nights “

New single Saturday Nights by Weston Estate uses a heavy bassline, lowkey hip-hop beat, mumble-sing vocal, and lyrics tinged in adolescent puppy love, to make a sound that is so dreamy it makes missing your girl on a Saturday night sound cool. The band says: ” “Saturday Nights is an idea that we’ve held onto for a year now. We want the song to embody the growing pains of adolescence at a time when everyone else seems to have everything figured out. The original demo was made in Tanmay’s bedroom but was brought to life during our first real studio session. That’s why we’re so excited to finally put this song out; it feels like it has grown and evolved alongside us as a band,”

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