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Soundcheck: Week of July 22nd

After the departure of Daniel Blumberg, I was afraid that would be the end of YUCK. But they have held strong and released the first track off their forthcoming album. “Rebirth” is still very much a Yuck song thanks to Max Blooms vocals. The bands second album is due for release sometimes later this year.
 DRENGE, who are actually Eoin and Roy Loveless from Sheffield have released Face like A Skull. The actual single will be released August 26th for purchase, followed by their debut self titled album the following week. They recently played their first Glasto Fest and are continuing to tour around the UK in September and October.
I am falling fast for HEAVY WAVES. I love Luke Morgan’s grungy voice and the heavy guitar strains of their songs. Like Swimm Deep and Peace, two of my other current favorites, these guys hails from Birmingham. This is No Good off their debut album EDWARD.
NEIL’S CHILDREN, a London-based band has been around for a few years, but it wasn’t until they released their first album in 3 years, Dimly Lit, ( Released in March of this year) that I became aware of their trippy induced music..
A friend of mine, who lives in Australia, recently introduced me to Twerps, a band from Melbourne. They released their debut self titled album late in 2011 and toured the United States with Real Estate in 2012. I only wish I had heard of them than so I could have caught a show.

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