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Start The Week Over release new single ” Blackberry Gin “

“Dude, we should start a band.” how many times have you said that? Or heard someone say that? Millions…. but sometime in late 2018 Bobby Gioiosa and Matt Wikstrom of Start The Week Over said that and actually did it, but only after they performed some sort of musical revue where they wrote a string of Nickelodeon theme songs to a pop-punk beat. Imagine your favorite Nick TV show, now blaring as pop-punk? AWESOME…

You might remember that not long ago we told you about the Boston pop-punkers debut song DaisyTop, and loved it, well newest song Blackberry Gin is just as catchy, and just as fun as the first, proving that Start The Week Over is here to take the music world by storm.

Listen to Blackberry Gin below and add it to your playlist NOW….

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