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Steve Aoki releases new album Neon Future IV

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Steve Aoki has released his new album Neon Future IV. This album contains tracks with some awesome features from great artists such as Lights, Sting, and The Backstreet Boys. If that doesn’t convince you to give this album a listen, he has also included a b side. Steve Aoki’s sixth studio album is released through Dim Mak Records. Neon Future IV is the continuation of Neon Future II and III. Have a listen to the track below:

Neon Future IV is out today everywhere!

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  1. NF IV sounds crazy amazing, I 💙 it all, GIRL Agnez Mo, Desiigner is like Salted caramel, addictive. …your brain keeps craving more & more with every mouthful bcos you detect new flavours with each bite, catchy the tune, easy to sing along

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