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SXSW 2016 GATRS’ Artist Choice: Week Five

SXSW is only just two weeks away and as you can tell, we are stoked. We saved some of our best artist choices for last, so check them out below.

Teri’s Must-See Artist of the Week: DMA’S

Tommy O’Dell, Matt Mason, and Johnny Took, or better known as DMA’S, are a garage pop band from Newton. They all met whilst each playing in different bands and decided to form together as DMA’S. The band have just recently released their well-received debut album entitled Hills End. The album is truly amazing and one of my favorite tracks off of it is entitled Too Soon. Their nostalgic yet unique sound really made me fall in love with their music. Listen to Too Soon below and follow-up with them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Naomi’s Must-See Artist of the Week: Sunflower Bean

The psychedelic trio Sunflower Bean from New York are made up of Jacob Faber, Julia Cumming, and Nick Kivlen. The band have just recently their debut album entitled Human Ceremony that is full of dreamy riffs and vocals. One of my favorite songs off of the album is Wall Watcher because of its raging instruments and soft vocals. They really have something going for them and are for sure going to be one of the biggest bands of 2016. Listen to Wall Watcher below and follow the band through their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Sound Cloud.

Krystal’s Must-See Artist of the Week: Rooney

Rooney is a five-piece pop/rock band from LA. The band have been on hiatus for a while now but are finally back at it again. Their highly anticipated album called Washed Away is out May 6th and they have just released a single off of the album entitled My Heart Beats 4 U. The song is nostalgic and has an overall amazing sound and feel to it. Listen to My Heart Beats 4 U below and keep up with Rooney on Facebook.

Megan’s Must-See Artist of the Week: PINS

PINS are an all girl band from Manchester making beautiful indie rock music with no rules. Faith, Anna, Lois, Sophie, and Kyoko are the face of this brilliant quintet. Their sophomore album Wild Nights came out in June of last year and was one of the best albums of 2015. Too Little Too Late is one of the best songs off of the album that has in your face guitar and drums along with stunning vocals which makes for the perfect track. Listen to the song below and stay in the know with them on Facebook and on their official website.

Molly’s Must-See Artist of the Week: Estrons

Estrons (meaning ‘Aliens’ in Welsh) are an alt/rock band based out of Cardiff. They’re fronted by Canadian-Swede Taliesyn Kallstrom and are the perfect band waiting to be signed by a record label, which I can only assume will come very quickly for them. Their most recent release is single entitled Make A Man and has absolutely everything a perfect song should have. It is a complete rager with outstanding vocals, an extremely catchy beat, and loud riffs. Check out this phenomenal track below and follow-up with the band on Twitter, Facebook, and Sound Cloud.


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