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SXSW Artists to See 2017- Part 3

This time next week we will all be heading to Austin for our annual trip to SXSW. While there we will see bands we have longed to see, and discover bands we have never heard of ( possibly one of the best things about the festival ). If you have been following along, you have seen some of the bands we are excited about seeing. Here is the last edition of SXSW Artists to See 2017, before we head off!


They were a late announcement, and I was so excited to see them on the list. I have loved this band since I first heard of them. They provide great music along with loads of quirkiness. It is always so nice to see someone take a little step away from the norm.


Caught these guys at SXSW last year, and have loved watching them find success . YES…we will be seeing them again…several times
Been a fan for a while now and glad to finally be seeing them live
The English band, not the US band. We couldn’t leave out seeing them with their punk attitude and loud music
Yeah..remember them? No? Then you are probably still a teenager, but I promise you that you have heard their most famous song. ( Have you seen the movie Valley Girl? One of Nick Cage’s first movies? NO?? Look it’s totally tubular..and full of totally gnarly 80’s music ) Melt with You has been on my Top 5 songs since it first came out ( Yep..I am THAT old! ) and the band has reunited with all the original members. How totally bitchin’ it is that I get to see all of that while hearing one of my all time favorite songs! Hmmm think they have retired all that leather and those oh so 80’s hairstyles? LIKE..GAG ME WITH A SPOON
Keep a watch on our Instagram all next week. We will be posting highlights from all the bands that we see while we are there, plus just random fun from Weird Austin!

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