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SXSW Band Interview: The Jacks

We spoke to Jack’s bassist Scott Stone in an interview that was supposed to happen at SXSW…

We really wish we were in Austin interviewing you, but we do what we have to do. What were you hoping to get out of attending the festival?

This would have been our second time at SXSW. We’re so bummed we can’t be there this year. I was mostly excited to be back and playing our new music for everyone. SXSW is one of the most fun festivals for being in a band and such a great way to meet fellow artists. We’ll be back next year for sure. 

I know your SXSW dates were included in a tour also, were you able to play any shows or were they canceled a well

We got to play the first four of them: Brick and Mortar in San Francisco, Holy Diver in Sacramento, School Night in Los Angeles, and Soda Bar in San Diego. All the shows were incredible and the energy we got from the fans was unlike anything we have had in the past. I really cannot wait for live shows to start happening again. 

Back in 2017, you won a recording contract in a battle of the band’s contest, can you tell us why you turned it down, and looking back was it the right decision.

There were a lot of reasons we turned it down, but the biggest is we felt like it was a competition record contract. We felt that the label really did not know who we were or who we wanted to be as a band, and this contract was more of an obligation to them. It was definitely the right decision and we could not be happier to now be signed to EDGEOUT Records. 

Who would you say shaped your musical sound the most

It’s a tie between The Rolling Stones, Oasis, and Portugal. the Man. I love the rawness and incredible songwriting of the Stones and Oasis as well as the modern rock n’ roll sound that Portugal. the Man has perfected. 

You formed in 2016, how has your music progressed since then

We aren’t even the same band as we were back then. We didn’t know what we were doing, just playing shows and writing for fun. I’d say now we have a very focused mindset on where we want to be and how we want to sound on every song. I love the two EPs we’ve released because they give a great roadmap of where we are headed.

What has it been like watching yourself grow over that time

When you’re in the band, it feels slow, because you see each step along the way. However, if I were to tell myself four years ago the things we’ve achieved and the band we are now, I wouldn’t be able to believe it. It feels surreal to even have the success we’ve had so far. I’m just always excited for what the future holds. 

Your new EP Remember You was released on March 6th, how has it been received

The reception has been nothing but positive. I’m so proud of REMEMBER YOU and what we accomplished. We played a show in San Francisco that night and the feeling I got from seeing the crowd sing words from songs released that day is impossible to describe. 

Can you tell us the story behind the name of the EP

All the songs are about past relationships, experiences, and friendships. It’s a love letter to the past and also an understanding that things cannot be as they once were

What were the up and downs, if any, you had while recording the EP

The ups were getting to work with a producer like Joe Chiccarelli. I cannot speak highly enough of him and the respect I have for what he does. He’s been one of our dream producers since we started the band, so to actually be working with him on songs we wrote when we first started the band was amazing. I can’t really remember any of the downs, I look back on all those times so fondly. 

If you had to play one song from the EP for someone who has never heard you play which one would it be and why

I’d go with “Just a Little Bit.” It has been in our catalog since we started the band and I’m so excited about this revamped version of it. With Joe Chiccarelli’s production on it, I really feels like it has been recorded how it should have been. 

What can we expect from The Jacks in the future

A lot of touring and our debut full-length album in the near future. 

California is basically on lockdown right now, tell us how you have been spending your time

We’ve been finding different ways to be creative. We’re really focusing on writing this first album, as well as finding new ways through social media to stay connected with our fans. I wish we were on the road right now, but this gives us a chance to pause life for a second and be as creative as we can with our time. 

Give us three great songs to Shelter In to

Ophelia – The Band

Your Love Is All I Need – Vista Kicks

Heaven Up There – Palace

Lastly, describe The Jacks in three words

Rock n’ roll

You can purchase or stream Remember You here

**Photo creds: Paige Sara

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