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The GATRS Chat with Her’s, SXSW Edition

Tell us who you are

I’m Stephen Fitzpatrick and Audun Laading, its a traditional Norwegian name. We are Her’s.

Audun, you are one of the happiest seeming bass players I have ever seen on stage. I adored watching you. Both of you. The show was real upbeat and so refreshing

Thats good, we tried to go easy on the hangovers of the people in there.

Is this your first time at SXSW

 ( Stephen)

Yes, its probably almost our first time in the states. I have been one other time to Manhattan for five days, but it was limited

So what do you think of Austin?

Austin is a beautiful city, really interesting. I saw like, its really different from everywhere in the UK. The way everything is laid out and built. You would never find anywhere else that takes pride in being weird

And because it does take pride in it’s weirdness, what is the weirdest thing you’ve seen while here?

There is a guy trying to get a bin off a…He is literally pouring trash everywhere on the street.

Oh, this guy right there? ( down the alley from us was a guy with a large stick poking at a garbage bag that hung in the air on what appeared to be something like a utility line)

Yeah. Yeah. He is trying to get a rubbish bag of the electrics wire. Oh there it goes. That is probably one of the weirdest things so far. We have met a lot of people, but they were super nice. A lot of originals going round. We had a walk down Rainey Street yesterday and that was well nice and different as well. Its like a little village isn’t it

Did you have any expectations about coming to SXSW

Very nice food was ticked off our list. Big. Everything is bigger in Texas.

Have you eaten any of the street tacos?

Oh yeah, I had seven tacos just yesterday. I only had tacos yesterday

I think we have only eaten tacos since arriving also

There is breakfast, or whatever you want in a taco here

Is Pierce Bronson yours?


What is his purpose in the band?

He is our band spirit animal. Our third member. We like to think of him as maybe he is playing the drums somewhere. He is just there to represent. We needed a third member. Trio action, instead of just the duo

It is still a bit unconventional for a band to have just two members. Why did you chose this as opposed to going out and finding a drummer etc..

I think there is something really unique about duos. I think like it is a very different outcome of the music when it is just two people as opposed to an entire band. The interaction is really different. You find it with bands like Beach House, they kind of have this duo thing going on, and its like, I don’t know, I feel like a lot of the quirkier bands tend to be duos rather than your typical four piece.

You can probably have more creative expression also, am I right? You can use the sounds on a computer and have an orchestra behind you if that is what you want

It has opened up a lot of paths for us and we have room to expand as well. We could also play with loads of people on stage if we wanted, like 5 albums down, 10 years from now.

What comes after SXSW for Her’s

We are going on tour in April with a band called Happyness

Happyness is one of my favorite bands

Really? No way. Yeah we’ve known them briefly and are going to go on tour with them and get to know them better. We are really looking forward to it. We have an album coming out May 12th. It is not a debut album, it is an extended EP. A mini album. Songs we have released so far, plus some others.

Will it be released in the US as well

Yes. Download and physical, as well in vinyl and CD. Our distribution is pretty big, so it should make it out here.

On your iPod or phone, what is the most embarrassing song you have downloaded

It’s not that embarrassing, but I have Miss You by Blink 182

Nah. That is a great song really

We’ve done a cover of that song. We do love that song. It’s not embarrassing really, it has become such a classic, it is well written. I’ve got a couple of West Life albums on my iPod . It is one of those Irish acts you hear when you’re younger and you just go….ahhhh and it sticks with you.

( I looked everywhere for a on line version of their cover, I heard it was a treat for live shows only..)

Tell our readers why they should be listening to Her’s

They shouldn’t. No. No. Not really. They should be listening to us because we are nice people. We try hard and we have something to offer. We are on the cusp, almost there. Take this journey with us.


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