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SXSW Band of the Week: Money, the Interview

I have been a fan of Money since I was sent over an advanced copy of their latest album Suicide Songs. You see, while I do appreciate Rock at its hardest and fastest, my heart if geared to a softer, more mellow side of the music spectrum. Finding the bands name on the list of players at SXSW this year was a real treat for me, and I instantly moved them up on my five must see bands.

This interview came as a surprise to me, I had no idea we were going to get to interview them, or meet them. We were at the PIAS showcase at Latitude ready to interview another band, when Brid came up to me and asked if I wanted to interview Money while I waited. Having had no idea that Money was one of her bands, we jumped at the chance.  Needless to say, the interview we were suppose to do, never happened, in fact I can’t even remember who it was we were waiting for!

We saw your show last night, it was great.

It was not great, but it was ok. I saw you in the front I remember.

Your new album, Suicide Songs, I think it is brilliant and I love it. I actually listen to it at night, it is what I go to sleep with.

Giving you nightmares!

No. I know it is a sad album, but it is also beautiful and poetic. Krystal. at the show last night said it relaxed her so much she wanted to go to sleep.

( Krystal ) Yes! it was very soothing. I wanted to go to sleep, but in a good way.

So we should rename it Sleepy Songs

If our readers have never heard your album, tell them why they should listen to it…

Don’t listen to it. Don’t bother. Just listen to all the bands we are ripping off on it.

Who are you ripping off on the album?

Mumford and Sons

Yes!! We can definitely hear the influence! Is this your first time at SXSW?

Yes. Yeah.

How do you like it so far?

It is very different from what we know, all the European cities.

I love Austin, it is cool and the people are great. It is pretty fun, pretty mad. Just kind of wandering around, but from a bands point of view it is hard work. It is like a battle, which suits some bands maybe, but just not really us, but I actually love the city and I love walking around and soaking it all up.

10 years ago I hear it was a lot of unsigned bands and not as many venues, and now everyone signs, so that seems mad in its self and I don’t know what everyone is really hoping for, but it seems more important now with seminars and such with the label side of things and the shows just happen at night.

The best stuff is not connected with the commercial music really. I mean I was sitting at a bar listening to some guy just play cover songs and I just kinda found what I was looking for just on the street, and getting to come here and drink your awful beers, stuff like that. But the music, I don’t understand the point of coming, it is just something to do and yeah, it is nice to meet other bands.

So you don’t have any expectations on being here?

Oh yeah, we are going to conquer the world

McDonald’s records are going to come hopefully tomorrow and sign us for a million pounds

No expectations really

Some of the small bands we interviewed, I mean that is what they are hoping. They are hoping that an American label will snatch them up and sign them. So tell me, because I don’t know this, I am not in the music business, on that side of things, why is it important to get signed by an American label?

Why is it important to get signed?

The bands probably have strong European and UK based set ups, but those same labels are trying to do a watered down version of what they do in America . They just don’t have the resources, they need a label thats really based over here to get some weight behind them, because its a completely different thing.

Its depending on what stage of your career your at, but it is like showing your face really and showing people your active. If I had 10 more beers, I’d say how much I hate the music industry and how it works. It doesn’t work on the terms of who’s the best, it works on the terms of who works the system best.

And there are labels who work very very differently, and its been bad.

This ( SXSW ) is a piece of industry basically. It has nothing to do with having a good time and listening to music.

Well for some bands it is, but I think its become to big. There are a lot of other things going on clearly as well. It is not just SXSW music, it is Spring Break and just a lot of other people having a good time.

We come here because our blog mostly deals with small English bands and this is the only time we can see them. Because I don’t guess they can afford to come over here and tour.

That is good from that point of view, a fans point of view. I think it really works for some bands as well. We have just got to a place ourselves where we’ve just come back from touring and we’ve got things down and its just a bit of a shake up coming down here and doing it. I know we sound really depressing and ungrateful, but we actually love being here.

But your attitude seems fitting for your album

Exactly, that is who we are, we are very negative people.

Well life deals you shit sometimes, we have had a lot of that going on this week ourselves But we appreciate you sitting down with us and talking to us.

Do you want something more positive from us?

Yes. Say something nice..

Unicorns. Fluffy bears and rainbows. Thats the inspiration for the next record

Yes, honestly this is a very nice place and I am very happy to be here . Amen

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