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SXSW Interview: The Himalayas

On our first night of SXSW, we were able to catch The Himalayas during their first US show at The British Music Embassy or as it is usually known Lattitude. We changed our plans and left a day early to catch these guys and let me tell you their performance was well worth the effort we took.


Tell us who you are..

I am Joe and this is Mike and we are The Himalayas

And where are you from?

 Joe-We are from Cardiff, in Britain, United Kingdom, Wales

My grandfather was Welsh. Honestly, I know nothing about Wales, other than that

Joe-It is very average, that is the way I would describe it

Is this your first time in the US?

Mike-I have been a couple of times, but this is my first time to play

Joe- This was my American virginity, it has been lost now

Are there any preconceptions of the States that you may have had that have been proven wrong?

Joe-Yeah. I don’t know for but for some reason, people think that Americans come across as rude, but they are not, everyone has been so lovely.

I think some of that is because we are here at SXSW, not saying we are rude people, but we are all here for the same reason, no matter the genre of music, everyone here loves music and I think it unites people

Joe-I think that is true, we have seen bands that would be different than we would see back home.

What do you hope to accomplish at SXSW?

Joe-Its got to be more exposure

Mike-The audience here is a lot different than in the UK

You say the audience is different, can you explain that?

Mike- Just the reactions really. A lot of people in the UK do not enjoy themselves it seems. Where in American people seem to like being at the gigs

I am a big fan of what Mikey Jones is doing with This Feeling, how did you get involved with him?

Mike- It is the most boring thing really. We emailed over and played two shows in Cardiff. Then we went to London to play a show and Kasabian was playing down the road. Turned out Kasabian, Miles Kane and Carl Barat all showed up. Not bad for a first show.

What are your plans once you get back home. Oh. I know you are going on tour with Trampolene.

Joe-Yes, we are on tour with Trampolene, that is the next thing to do. We are in France then, which will be pretty sweet. I think we will just be heading out for more and more tours. We plan on getting back to the states as soon as possible as well

There has been a big controversy over the fact that guitar music is dead lately, and if you look at mainstream media and what they post you would think so….

Joe-It is back now. From the last sort of 50 years guitar music was big for awhile, then there were a few years that it wasn’t. I think at the moment it is on its way back in. It is frustrating that we’ve been working for two and a half years and it’s only now we are getting sort of bigger opportunities.

Mike- I think a lot of things can go wrong. A hell of a lot goes wrong. It is so easy to plug in something and sing to a backing track. There are still bands that people are excited about though, like, Blossoms, Royal Blood, and Arctic Monkeys. They are still there and they are still alive and kicking.

What are you looking forward to the most while at SXSW?

Joe-Finding new bands. I think there are plenty of people we have never heard of, so I am looking forward to going to a few places

Is there someone you are especially wanting to see?  

Joe-I wouldn’t mind checking out Shame later tonight, and Pale Waves

What is your first memory of music?

Mike – Listening to Sgt Peppers

Joe-I am going to say mine is going to be really really bad. It is like listening to Craig David. Really embarrassing. I bought his album when I was very very young and I got it stolen from the car.

Well there you go, someone else liked Craig David

Mike- Who would steal a Craig David CD?

Joe- No it was in….

Mike- Because he wouldn’t want to pay for it

Joe- No, remember those old car stereos where you could clip then out? The radio and CD player? It was one of those and they crashed into the car and stole the CD player. I am not sure what was going through their head.

Oh, so they stole the stereo. Probably thought there was better music in it.

Joe- They got a wicked Craig David CD

What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod or phone?

Mike- I am a bit partial to Sheryl Crow

So is my husband, but I am not sure it is actually her music

Joe- I actually don’t know if I have one

Oh no, people always try and tell me that, and trust me they will then whip out some winners.

Joe-Maybe something like Beyonce, but I do like her. I sound really uncool right now, but yeah, I like Beyonce.

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