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Tech N9ne Shows Cincinnati’s Bunbury Festival How It’s Done

Let me share something with you.  Photographers in the photo pit at a festival are standing directely in front of a massive array of amps – both on the stage and on the ground.  Bigly amps.  Huge amps.  The kind of amps that have the power to re-arrange your internal organs when an act has heavy bass.  To say that Tech N9ne has heavy bass is like saying that a lightning strike burns a little.  It’s the kind of bass that messes with your heart rhythm and pushes on your lungs.  As I type, my spleen is migrating back to its original position.  And althought it sounds like I’m complaining, I’m not.  It’s the kind of thing that makes you feel alive.  This is the kind of bass that Tech N9ne brings to the stage and it’s a wonderful feeling.

Aaron Yates aka Tech N9ne plays on a bare stage with only a screen to back him up.  His chopper-style delivery comes so fast and clean that what you’re hearing isn’t comprehended until a sentence or two later.  Tech brings social issues to the forefront and minces no words.  He also brags about the prowess of his rapping abilities and after catching his set I can’t blame him.  Rapid-fire hard hitting.

In terms of musical influences, Tech N9ne draws from many genres.  Old=School hip-hop acts that were big when MTv still aired music videos.  Diverse groups such as The Doors, Pink Floyd, and Elton John.   In terms of what music he likes – “I love beautiful music, beautiful music no matter what type”.  He has 11 albums under his belt – the latest being The Storm in 2016.  He is also known for a series of Tech N9ne Collabos albums which feature guest appearances  – the latest in this series is Dominion, which came out in April of this year.

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