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The Bandicoots – This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things EP Review

It’s inevitable that newer bands are influenced by older ones and we’ve all heard the phrase you can’t have too much of a good thing; in this case, that’s not true. Canadian Indie Rock four piece, The Bandicoots, stick to the type of music that surpasses time. With instrumentals that seamlessly resemble Arctic Monkeys circa 2006 and vocals that echo Alex Turner himself, this band is sure to wow the crowd and win over everyone’s hearts. bandicoots

Their debut EP This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things is scheduled to drop two days from now on April 14th, which you can buy on iTunes and Amazon.

With songs like Mind Your Manors that take you on a journey to San Francisco (get it?) and lyrics that aim right for the heart as lead singer Justin Ross sings, “You won’t be there to see her leaving, and you wouldn’t be caught dead waving goodbye, ‘cause you’re busy believing that she’ll be back again.”

The rest of the EP consist of tracks called Just After Dark, No Turn on Red, and A Fit of Lovesick Despair, songs that are just as catchy and evocative as the last. Once you start listening to one song, you’ll want to hear more.

Hopefully this quartet makes their way to the US soon because I am looking forward to what they’re bringing to the table, and based on what they already have, we’re about to have a feast.

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