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The Banshees announce upcoming mini-album Tell Me Everything

Liverpool’s quartet, The Banshees, have big plans for 2020 including the release of their upcoming mini-album Tell Me Everything. The new single “It’s Alright” was released on March 4, 2020.

The new single, “It’s Alright”, was inspired by the people in our lives who think they know you but at the same time, they just can’t work you out. They wait until the most creative moments to get in your head and make you second-guess what it is you are doing. Not to mention – they have the worst sense of timing. We all have those people we love or care about in our lives. How can we have it all without sacrificing or hurting others in the process? We figure it out and make it all happen – so, It’s Alright.

The four piece band, The Banshees, consists of:

Vocals & Rhythm Guitar – Vinny Pereira
Lead Guitar – Paul Anthony Holligan
Bass Guitar – Stephen Jefferies
Drums – James Reis

In 2019, The Banshees recorded their debut EP Self Medicated at Ark Studios in Liverpool. With Tell Me Everything set to be released in 2020, tour dates will be soon to follow.. hopefully.

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