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The GATRS chat with M O S E S

 Tell us a bit about the band such as how you got started and who everyone is and what they do…
It’s the standard international postmodern story. In 2015, Victor was moving from Bucharest to London to start a band that would play at Wembley. Before leaving his hometown, he posted an ad looking for a guitarist. All he had was a demo song (‘Low’) and a clear vision of the music he wanted to write – unforgettable. That’s how Juno, who was then a student at BIMM London, discovered him. Juno was coming from a town called Daegu, in South Korea, with a slight obsession for Oasis and The Beatles. They first met each other on Skype. Their second meeting was at a studio in London for their first jam together. In two weeks time, they were already auditioning for a bass player and a drummer. Scott Bradley and County Tyrone-born Matthew McCrilly, both studying at BIMM, showed up, so M O S E S came to life. In less than two months we were already playing our first London gig, in a small underground pub. The reactions were amazing, people were hyped about our tunes. There was this sweet little old man who came to us and said he felt just like he did many, many years ago when he was jumping at The Who’s first gig. Anyway, another 50 something London shows followed. We were showcasing everywhere we could, sometimes playing to five people only. But it didn’t matter. We were having a great time. Before the end of 2015, we started sending emails to festivals like crazy. Hundreds of emails. That’s when we got long listed for Glastonbury 2016, got a slot for the 2016 Camden Rocks Festival and met our awesome manager, Chris McCormack. We started playing larger venues, got our first tour, got an awesome team. Things were starting to get real and we couldn’t believe it. In 2016 Scott decided to leave the band, but we were lucky enough to find Zakk, a genuine east London bass player. And that’s us. Wow! I think it’s the first time we’re telling the whole story!

2. You have played Great Escape, Camden Rocks, and several other festivals this year. What is it, do you think, about festivals that keep people coming out year after year?
It’s that feeling that you’re witnessing something unique. There’s nothing better than live music and that feeling of raw authenticity, of seeing that band in front of you, no photoshop, no effects. And besides all that, nothing compares to the possibility of discovering amazing new bands. A friend of ours was telling a story about how he was at Glastonbury, in front of a small stage, with only a few more people next to him. This band came up and the lead singer said that they’re gonna play a song that will soon be number one in charts all over the world. The song was ‘Yellow’, and the band was Coldplay. It just gives you shivers. Nothing can compare to that.

3. What do you see as the biggest difference between playing a festival and a regular gig?
That it’s more about the experience, the whole vibe. And that after you play your set, you can go and see other bands, meet amazing musicians and people from the industry can see you. Everybody is there. Festivals are a huge opportunity for emerging bands.

4. Since we are based in the US and have not been able to see you perform live, tell us what we should expect when we finally are able to…
Expect to be blown away. Haha. No, really. We’ve been so lucky to get some amazing reactions from people seeing us for the first time. And what we love about our gigs is that everybody starts singing along, even though they’re hearing those tunes for the first time in their lives. And jump. Expect to jump a lot.

5. The one song you play live that seems to connect with the crowd and why you think it does?
There are probably two songs like that. One of them is one of the first tunes we wrote together and it’s called ‘Cause You Got Me. We haven’t released it yet, but we always end our gigs with this song. Everybody goes crazy! Plus, you can’t take it out of your head! But there’s also this new song we wrote that’s called ‘River Thames – this one really has something. It’s very visual I guess and there is probably something about it and the people living in London. When we wrote it, we loved it so much that we literally went to the bank of River Thames and taped an acoustic version of it. You can watch it on YouTube

6. Your earliest memory of music…
Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

7. Music so easily can throw us back into feelings just by hearing a certain song, what one song never fails to move you emotionally and why?
Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger. It just gives you goose bumps whenever wherever. 

8. What is something interesting about one member of the band that has never been told in an interview?
Hmmm. That Juno was in the army. And that he never sweats.

9. What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

10. Do you have any pre-gig rituals yet?
Victor always goes to the toilet. But I don’t think we can call that a ritual. Haha. We usually gather up, have a ciggy and promise to each other to have fun!

11. Having grown up in London, did the area in any way have an influence on you musically?
The only one growing up in London is Zakk. The rest of us are just surviving, loving and hating London altogether. Our music comes from our personal experiences and it’s more personal than just a city. 

12. Tell us that one musician you would meet and totally be star struck by?
Iggy Pop

13. If someone was going to make a big budget movie about M O S E S, the band, not the red sea parting one, who would play each member?
Hopefully, it would be us! Always wanted to be movie stars  🙂

14. Three essential road trip songs…
Oasis – Don’t Look Back in Anger, The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony, Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten

15. Three words that describe Moses….
rock and roll
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