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I have an obsession with Britpop and ’60s music so to come across a band that sound like a Mod/Britpop/surf rock infusion is something I’m all for. That’s where The Gallerys come in.
The Gallerys are a 3-piece band from Kent that has been receiving comparisons to The Birds, The Jam, and The Verve but with a modern feel to them.
The Gallerys are today’s version of those beloved ’60s throwback bands but very much still part of the new generation, combining the two successfully.
The band has already supported Secret Affair and The Rifles, so we can’t help but feel this is only the beginning for them…

Tell us a little bit about who you are and about yourselves?
The Gallerys are:
Craig Barden
Dan Maggs (both from Maidstone, Kent)
James Wood (from Tunbridge Wells, Kent)
We’re a three piece band using our many influences and inspirations to create a new sound for the modern day.

What can you tell us about how the band came together?
James and Dan met in college and started the band with another bass player. After a few months of gigging the bass player left for university causing the band to look for another bass player, Craig, who came from a mutual friend of Dan’s. Craig auditioned to a song by The Jam and straight away we could tell there was something special happening.

You cite The Jam, The Who, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Johnny Marr, The Stone Roses, The Verve, and The Beatles as influences. All of these classic bands with such strong sounds and imageries, do these bands also inspire your look and how important is imagery?
As a band, we have always loved Clothing and our image and fashion is very important to us. I’d say we’re definitely influenced by the looks of these bands; each one had their own unique style and image which helped make them stand out. I’d say we take main inspiration from bands like the Small Faces, The Jam, Oasis, and the Who in terms of fashion.

What have you gotten from them musically?
We’ve each taken little pieces of inspiration from all the bands mentioned above which we’ve woven into our playing style. When all these styles come together along with our own style, you get The Gallerys sound.

Do you like, or listen, to contemporary artists?
We like loads of contemporary artists. There’s lots of talented bands around at the minute like The Strypes, Arctic Monkeys, Miles Kane, and Tame Impala.

Do you prefer the writing or the recording process?
As I band I think we definitely prefer the recording process. Either James or Craig write the tunes on their own before bringing them to the rehearsal room, whereas the recording process is like a project the band have to take on as a collective making it more challenging.
Recording definitely has its difficulties, obviously, everything you do is magnified and exposed which is tough if you’ve not had a good take, but that’s what makes it more rewarding when it finally comes together.

Paisleyseems like a perfect EP name for you guys (I automatically think of the ‘70s) was paisley something that was always on your mind to be used or did it just happen to work out for the EP?
Yes, I think Paisley was always intended to be used as our EP Title, something about it always stood out to us as a band. We wanted a title that was original and i think the paisley artwork, our good friend Kookie designed, gives it an authentic and contemporary look.

The Gallerys have been making the rounds performing at festivals, do you prefer festivals or intimate gigs?
We love both festivals and intimate gigs. Festivals are great because you get the chance to play to a new audience and they’re a great way of meeting new people as well. On the other hand, we really like nitty gritty intimate gigs in classic music venues; the atmosphere is unbelievable in some of these places. We also love meeting our fans after the show, so doing intimate gigs gives us a great chance to do this.

Do you think that maintaining an online presence is important?
Being online is important in today’s digital age. Not only can you stay in touch with fans online, you can spread the word of upcoming shows, news, and announcements through the internet; it’s definitely important for us.

What’s been an obstacle for you as a band and do you ever get discouraged? If so, what keeps you going?
There are always gigs, shows or certain events you go for as a band or try to get involved with and sometimes you’re not always chosen or selected. It’s part of being in a new band. We do what we do because we love making and performing music as well as meeting lots of great people. Always think of the positive things and remember why you do what you do, don’t get dragged down and disheartened by negativity.

You Don’t Really Love Heris a poignant song, was the song influenced by a real life occurrence?
Craig wrote you don’t really love her in the style of classic call and response vocals. The song is very character driven, with two people being the voice of reason trying to stop the other guy from ruining this girls life who he doesn’t really love, claiming he’s “pulling on the strings of her heart and soul”. The song deals with relationships, conflict, and betrayal, themes we all encounter on a day to day basis. It wasn’t inspired by one event, in particular, I think we all know someone who isn’t really committed to their relationship.


Any plans to tour the states?
We will definitely go to the states one day. We haven’t been to America yet but have had lots of requests from our American fan base to come over for a few shows. Hopefully this time next year we will have some plans in place.

What does the future have in store for The Gallerys?
At the minute we’re recording a brand new EP at a very secret location. We’re going to continue performing and writing as that’s what we love and enjoy most. A big big thank you as well to everyone who has supported us along the way, see you all soon.

Keep an eye out for The Gallerys and make sure to sure to follow/like them on Facebook and Twitter.

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