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The GATRS Chat with Yves

We thought it was the perfect time to introduce our readers to the Swindon band Yves, though we hope, like us, you have been following them for a bit. Today they released their newest single, Only One.


So grab a cuppa, get to know them, and have a listen to their newest song (above)….

Since this is a get to know post, tell us a bit about the band, such as how you began, who each of you are and your roles in the band

Harry Roke (vocals/guitar) Mitch Dodson (bass) and Finn Wilkinson (drums).
 We’ve always played music together, since we were about 12, we used to be in other bands; Mitch and myself in one and Finny in another, but every summer we’d always end up playing together, so when the time came for something new it only felt right that it should be the 3 of us. 
 Your newest single came out today, can you tell us what the song is about
The song is really just about wanting someone, you know when you feel like you really need them? like a never-ending chase that everyone has experienced before. It’s exactly that, and it’s just saying I don’t care how complicated or shit it gets I just want you so it’s all alright.
 You have been touring a lot, most recently with the Sherlocks. Do you learn anything from the bands you share the stage with 
Of course, so much. I think the main thing we realise is the work that goes in off the stage, like we rehearse like crazy so that we’re able to essentially not think about what we’re doing when we’re playing live, it’s like muscle memory. But no, i’ll definitely steal a few jokes of people…
 When playing live, what one song seems to connect with the crowd the most 
We have a song called ‘You Wanna Know’ that seems to be going down really well recently.
 Before you go on stage, do you have any preshow rituals 
3 Tequilas, simple.
What are three things you enjoy about touring and three things you do not like
  1. Being with my two best mates all the time 
  2. Meeting new characters 
  3. Playing shows
  1. Tiredness and how that makes your voice feel
  2. Honey and Lemon (By the end)
I don’t have anymore I love it 
 For all of us who have not been able to experience a live Yves show, what should we expect when we do
Sweaty, loud.
 As a band, what do you do in your spare time 
We spend so much time together, whether it be recording, rehearsing 4/5 times a week or playing shows we’re hardly not with each other. But we all love football
 Name three bands that have influenced you as a band
ummm The Strokes, Nirvana and Pixies
 Describe Yves in three words
Rock and Roll (baby)
 Look into the future, you are now a huge band, you are selling out stadiums , what one thing would you insist on in your rider
Yorkshire Tea
 Besides music, tell us any secret talents you may have
I’m really trying to think, I think our only hope might be music…
One song you absolutely love but would never play at a party full of friends
Usher Confessions – Absolute banger
What is rock and roll to you
I think the connection people have with the music, the love of guitars and drums and bass together in its best form, I don’t know, it’s just fucking great
 Give us a few parting words
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