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The Girls at the Rock Show Exclusive: Interview with Lower Loveday

Lower Loveday are an indie pop band that have recently supported APRE and Deco. The band are set to release their new track ‘I’d Do Anything’ on 15th May 2020. So, we thought what better to lead up to the release of the new track….why, request an interview, of course! Check it out below and read about Lower Loveday‘s “want to achieve world domination, (in a non-Doctor Evil like manner)”.

How did you choose the name Lower Loveday?

Tom (Drummer) when he was at university lived on Lower Loveday Street in Birmingham and he and his mates always thought it sounded like a cool band name. So when Tom started making music with his uni friends the next year they called themselves Lower Loveday and the name has stuck from there!

How did you all meet?

Mark (singer) and Tom (drummer) have been friends since about the age of 4! They then decided to start the band properly when they bumped into each other in Australia whilst travelling, and then when they came back were in search of the guitarist and bassist for the band. Mark was already good friends with Chris (guitar) and then we finally found the right bassist when we advertised for a bassist and Ben (Bass) had heard of us and played the same gig as us previously too. Then the lineup was complete!

Who are your musical and non-musical influences? 

Musically we were initially very influenced by the early 2000’s indie scene of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Kings of Leon etc alongside more classic acts like Oasis, Blondie and The Beatles. Nowadays we very much listen out for more modern, fresh sounds to balance with those classic strong melodies. Non-musical influences typically focus around people who are just all out themselves and have strong dreams and go for them.

What is your favorite song to play together as a band?

We’ve got a tune called Loved You which is at the minute unreleased which is a bit heavier and the crowd always goes wild for it so that is probably our favourite to play. This new track though, is really becoming a favourite and once it is out there and fans start getting to know the song and know the words at gigs I’m that might become our new favourite!

Which comes first, music or lyrics?

Typically Tom (songwriter) will get the music and melody first. He will mess around with chords on a guitar until a melody has formed with just random words that fit the right sound and then from there will start to get the lyrics together. Quite often the gibberish words that make up the initial melody end up informing how the actual lyrics will go and what the subject of the song will be about. 

Tell us some of the ups and downs you have in the writing process.

Oh it is such a rollercoaster of high’s and lows! Some days I will be really happy with a song I have written and feel on top of the world. Then other days nothing will be coming out and you start to doubt yourself and think ‘am I actually good at this?!’. It’s such a strange intangible process that I think you are bound to have some ups and downs. 

What is the one thing you always need with you when writing or recording?

When writing, my guitar. When recording, coffee.

Describe Lower Loveday’s “I’d Do Anything” in three words.

Melancholic, Energetic, Anthemic.

What can we expect in the future from Lower Loveday?

Well we are dead-set on taking our music as far as it can take us and want to achieve world domination, (in a non-Doctor Evil like manner)… We are due to go back in the studio this month to get another track down (coronavirus depending) and from there we just want to keep releasing music, playing gigs and growing our fan base. We are starting to build something special now and you can see that at the gigs we play, seeing our fans singing along to every word to every song is an amazing feeling. So we want more of that and many more people!

What is the one thing you would like people to take away from Lower Loveday?

We want people to take away our songs and have them as their own, because that’s who these songs are for, all our fans and all the new fans that are yet to come across us! If you give this tracka listen then we are sure it will be stuck in your head anyway so you’ll be taking it with you for sure!

Here is their single “Chains” from September 2019. Keep up with our blog for the release of “I’d Do Anything” on May 15, 2020.

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