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The Girls at the Rock Show Exclusive: Interview with The Banshees

The Girls at the Rock Show were given the wonderful opportunity to interview The Banshees! As the Liverpool’s quartet are in the process of releasing the upcoming mini-album Tell Me Everything in 2020, we are still crossing our fingers for tour dates to accompany Tell Me Everything release. This interview definitely has it all with some serious comments and funny ones as well. This is an interview where you can really get a sense of the personalities this band has which makes this very entertaining. Enjoy!

Tell us a brief history of The Banshees.


I think sometimes, some things in life happen for a reason and for me, The Banshees fall into that category. Vinny and myself, met at a party through a friend who we had both known for years and the whole thing I suppose just went from there. Something as stupid as playing a couple of acoustic guitars and singing some cover songs at a party. To this day, I still cannot remember the songs we were jamming that night, there were probably some Beatles and Metallica in there.

What is the origin for the name of the band?


It was a few things really. We always get the Siouxsie shout and funny enough, I have a song I wrote years ago called Suzi that we play in the set. The name Banshee just kept appearing randomly, unexpectedly, in our lives. It was like one of those weeks, you wake up, your reading some music press stuff about Robert Smith and Siouxsie and the Banshees. Go to the shops, see a Banshee motorcycle…find out about a war ship built in Liverpool called Banshee…stop in the city center and there is a person screaming like a Banshee over fuck all hahaha… We need a name… what about Banshees and that was it!

Was there any discussion to change the name?

Yeah, we were originally called The Loft for around a month or so. Tbh, there is even a story behind that name but the name never really sat completely with us I don’t think. For me, it sounded too Scouse. For Vinny, it was something in the past that was not meant to come forward at this point, I dunno, plus when things started to move seriously we had issues with name as there was a band on Creation Records under the name The Loft so it may have caused more issues further down the line for us.

How do you promote your band and shows?

VINNY: Majority of our promo is online like most and includes our own website, as well as all social media platforms and more!

These days, the industry at any level is social media led so we have had to learn a lot really to give ourselves the best chance of exposure. It is a full time job in itself!

The Banshees social links:

Describe The Banshees in three words.


Errrr… I hate this question hahaha. Describe anything in 3 words is hard work! Haha…errrr if I had to pick 3 I would pick … sonic, rattle & roll … does the “and” count as a word?

What inspires you to do what you do?


I am inspired by the power of songwriting as a whole. I love to watch an idea grow right in front of my eyes, sometimes it happens on its own with no direction and sometimes I consciously direct it but specifically in regards to the therapy it offers…to me as a writer and also as a listener.


What inspires me to do what I do? I honest to god don’t know. It’s all I’ve ever done as far back as I can remember. I remember being 6 years old and wanting a guitar so bad it hurt, wasn’t until I was 8 I got my first proper guitar. Two years of fuming as a child over a guitar haha … in a guitar way. I do what I do because even across different types of music I would like to continue pushing myself as hard as I can, it can be playing jazz vibes, Latin vibes or even metal vibes. For me, it is all about taking it to another level. I’ve always had the ability to hear the backroads of playing in sculpting songs whereas some people will go A to B … I’m already halfway down H and been through L! I don’t know what else I would do I’m generally terrible or have little interest for anything other than guitar and music.

What advice would you give to fellow bands?


Stay out of our fucking way hahah … narrr we are nice people really…sometimes haha … advice…advice… enjoy what you do, take the rough with the smooth and understand it’s a LOT of hard work and hard work is what is needed for anything that you want to do in life. Shit don’t just fall out of the sky! If you want it…go out and get it! Excuses? Everyone has them…killer singles?…not everyone has them…killer albums?…even less have them!

What are the biggest obstacles for the band?


I’d have to say drugs, alcohol and woman on social media hahaha narrr there are loads of obstacles, everyday ones, weekly ones, monthly ones AND yearly ones.

We are lucky in the respect that we don’t have obstacles musically or in the creativity departments, however, a real obstacle for us at the moment is this COVID-19, it’s really slowing us down and it looks like venues are closing around the U.K. which is really sad. That’s an obstacle every band will have to address in the very near future

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