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The Girls at the Rock Show Exclusive: Interview with The Fallaways

Inspired by the sonic freedom of Green Day and Fallout Boy, The Fallaways are thrashy, energetic, and mischievous punk rockers hailing from Vancouver. The band just released Sunset Ave on July 17th and we got a chance to ask some questions…

Why The Fallaways? What led to you guys choosing this name?

We renamed from “Talk Sick” in 2016 and it was honestly like a 2 month process of everybody in the band just tossing names into the group chat. We eventually narrowed it down to 4 or 5 options and took a vote, The Fallaways just had a rad ring to it and worked with the branding we were going for.

“Sunset Ave” is set to release on July 17th, when you say listeners are going to get a “darker, more vulnerable path” what is meant by that? What can we expect?

There’s more substance in these songs and there’s even 2 ballads.. which is a side of ourselves we’ve never shown until now.

What is your favorite track off of “Sunset Ave”?

I personally love “Feeling Low”.

Did Cooper, your new member, contribute any barks to the tracks for “Sunset Ave”?

No but we’re training him up for his debut in the next batch.

We know touring has been put on hold for a lot of bands. What is your favorite part about going on tour?

Playing, meeting new people and seeing new things!!

What has the band been doing to stay sane during this pandemic?

A bunch of us live together so we’ve made do with what we can. Sometimes making a silly video with the boyz can lighten the mood of the current state of the world.

How long did it take to bring “Sunset Ave” together? From the first idea of a track for the EP to completing the very last track of the EP.

 Probably about 2 years all said and done

What is something you want our readers to know about The Fallaways?

Ian D’sa from Billy Talent once told me we sound like Sum 41

Is there anything extra we should know about “Sunset Ave”?

Sunset Ave had 2 different producers.

Zac Carper (FIDLAR) produced Dumb, Feeling Low and Still Alive
Tommy Mac (BEATLAB) produced Alive, Let Go and Electric

All questions answered by Jason Koster.

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